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January 9, 2020

Men Are Scamming Crisis Hotlines to Masturbate on Calls

The phenomenon of men — and it’s “never not men,” Claire says — feigning a crisis while masturbating on the line is common enough that hotline workers are routinely warned during the training process about this occupational hazard.

How to Make a Dildo in Prison: Getting Off Without Getting Arrested Inside A Canadian Penitentiary | Salty

Once an inmate is eligible for parole (meaning they get released into the community to finish their sentence), they have to abide by a strict set of conditions. For me, one of those conditions is that I have to report every detail of my sexual relationship to my parole officer. Because I was with my boyfriend at the time of my offense, sex has everything to do with my bringing drugs over the border in the eyes of the law. My sex life is now under their jurisidition.

Everytime I meet with my parole officer I feel uncomfortable. She always asks if I’m sleeping with anyone, and if so, needs their names and numbers. She calls my friends to ask them if we are sleeping together, trying to catch me in a lie.